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September 2007

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Last of the Princes

llewellynprince in liongate

Prologue I

Prologue 1: What a Welcome!

Author: Llewellynprince

P9X-224, God Knows Where
12:34 p.m. Monday, September 27th

Plasma blasts from Jaffa staff weapons followed SG1 as they ran for the Stargate.

“Daniel, dial the damn gate! We’ll cover you!” Daniel ran ahead and franticly dialed the Stargate.
“Daniel, duck!” Sam yelled and the archeologist dove out of the way just in time, the pulse blast meant for him slamming into the Stargate’s DHD.
“Through the gate now!” Jack roared.
“Jack, the blast-“
“Now!” They dove through the gate, not knowing what was going to be waiting for them on the other side.

Planet of Atlantis, Pegasus Galaxy, Milky Way
Atlantis Gateroom
12:34 p.m. Monday, September 27th

Dr. Elizabeth Weir hurried up to Atlantis’s operations center while soldiers moved quickly into the gate room, led by Major Sheppard, Lt. Ford, Maj. Lorne, and Sgt. Bates. McKay, Beckett, Zelenka, and Teyla joined her quickly in the operations room. 
“What happened?” Teyla asked.
“The gate activated, from P9X-224.” Elizabeth answered.
“What’s there?” McKay asked.
“We have no idea,” Elizabeth responded calmly.
“Oh, well that’s just great,” he muttered.
They turned back to the gate.
“Lower the shield,” Weir ordered. The shield lowered and four people in fatigues rolled through.
“CLOSE THE IRIS!” one of them roared.
“Close the iris!” Weir repeated the ordered and the iris closed as she, McKay, Beckett, Zelenka, and Teyla hurried down to the gate room, where Sheppard and the others were helping them up.
Major John Sheppard stared in shock as he stood face to face with Brigadier General Jack O’Neill.
Brigadier General Jack O’Neill stared in shock as he came face to face with Major John Sheppard.
“Oh boy.”
“Uh oh.”



Review and such

I like what you've done here with this! I also have a live journal account now. I'm still learning it though. You'll have to send me a message to allow me to be one of your friends since I haven't been able to figure out how to do that yet.
Looking forward to seeing updates on this story!